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You won't find two-sided mattresses just anywhere. In fact, most other mattress stores don't carry any two-sided mattresses.  Why do we still carry them? Until about 2005 all mattresses were made two-sided. Over the 35 years Resnick's has been in business, we have carried all of the different mattress brands. We also had our own mattress factory in Newburgh, New York where we made our own mattresses and box springs. We know that these quality products are built to last and a great option for a long-term mattress purchase. The ability to turn and flip a mattress results in more even wearing, fewer depressions and better back support. Much heavier and sturdier than the new one-sided mattresses, your two-sided mattress will provide a better night's sleep for many years to come.


We are NEPA's Destination for Two-Sided Mattresses.

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Let us do the heavy lifting with our delivery service. You'll receive a Free Frame , Free Delivery , Free Set Up, and Free Removal of your old mattress with the purchase of a bed set .

Our family-owned business ensures prompt delivery and great customer service.


Financing options and discounts allow you to buy a new mattress on any budget. We are open on Sundays, so stop in any day of the week to browse our inventory.

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